Patterns Repository for Industry Sectors (PARIS) captures the core knowledge needed by SPACE, encompassing more than 150 services across approximately 20 public and private sectors. Examples include agriculture, healthcare, education, public safety, public welfare, transportation, and others.

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Games and Simulations explain and clarify key concepts used in SPACE. Topics include cost/benefit analysis, strategic analysis, mobile services planning, interagency integrations and health exchanges, application migration versus integration tradeoffs, risk and failure management, and quality assurance.

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Computer-Aided Advisors go beyond explanations to actually offer advice. Examples include the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Advisor and the Digital Transformation Advisor.

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Planners that go beyond advice and offer complete business and technology solutions that can be implemented. Examples are:

  • Simple Planner (PISA) can be used to quickly build real-life business scenarios for small organizations, guiding users through IT planning, architecture, and administration tasks using best practices. See More
  • Extensive Planner (ePlanner) can be used by small to large-scale government and private sectors to strategically plan, architect, integrate, and manage IT initiatives quickly and effectively using best practices. See More

Specialized Initiatives and Tools are built on top of the SPACE environment. Examples include the SPACE Lab, the ICT4SIDS (ICT for Small Islands Developing States) Partnership, a Smart Global Village, and an Entrepreneurship Portal. More tools and initiatives are continually being added to this layer.

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